Arixa: Falle

During his first appearance in the prologue, he is seen as a trickster. The way he spoke to his mate, Cirrus, was quite strange, but he was still quite friendly. Sizari is seen as a strange cat who could almost tell the feelings of Cirrus, but he manages to hit Cirrus's softer spot at the end of the prologue.

He reappears at the end of chapter one, in front of Cirrus after her dream, which was quite stalkerish and creepy.

A short absence from the book happened, but he was following Cirrus into the town, and ended up getting caught along with Cirrus.

They are taken to the prison by the Iroiz Dragons, and Sizari helps Cirrus get out of the prison they were in, but Cirrus doesn't know how he destroyed the walls quickly.

After the capture, Sizari changed slightly, but once they landed he forced Cirrus to look for a shelter, which she did, but the readers don't know what Sizari was up to during that time.

They rested there, but in the next chapter it is mostly focused on Sizari, who is exploring around the cave they were resting at. He spotted a magical crystal in a clearing, which lured him deeper, until he felt a strange dark sensation around him, as if something dark was watching him, but the cry from Cirrus snapped him back to reality.

He spotted the Iroiz dragon near Cirrus and had to protect her, which ended with them running from the dragon through the icey land, and they soon lost the dragon.

The next chapter shows him barely worrying about Cirrus when she had a nightmare, and scratched herself in her own dream, and told her that they are going to keep moving.

Sizari does it again, with forcing her to keep moving even though she is tired, but he hopes to find a suitable place for them to rest at.

The chapter ends with them finding a cave and sleeping there.

Arixa: Shrouded in Darkness

Next book! Currently not being worked on.

Forgiving Yourself

Cirrus's book, but currently being worked on.