A silvery tabby, with white paws, muzzle and tail tip, and darkish grey like lining the white on. She has silver wings with stripes on it, and light-olive-green eyes.


Arixa: Falle

Nothing much is known about Cirrus's inner feelings, except for the fact that it is shown many times that she doesn't favor Sizari over her life.

It was possibly a few weeks after the encounter when made it to the town where her sister Iris is. Nothing is really known of what happened when she encountered Iris, but it switched to a dreamscape later on in the chapter, more like a nightmare. About four characters were introduced, and after the dream, she woke up seeing Sizari.

Another character is introduced a chapter later, by the name of Zai, who seems evil-like, and reminds Cirrus of Sizari. She gets led back to the town, again, and soon gets captured by the Iroiz Dragons, along with Sizari.

The two make up slowly, and escape together, only making their relationship dangerously closer than what Cirrus wanted.

They are on an icey cold island, which is much bigger than they think. Cirrus knows something is following them, but gets ordered around by Sizari. They rest in the den that Cirrus found.

Cirrus is cornered by another Iroiz Dragon, which Sizari nearly managed to get to her before she was imprisoned again. They burst into a run, and ran quickly through the forest. Once they lost the dragon, Sizari told Cirrus that they had to get out of the icey land quickly, which they did.

The next chapter shows Cirrus dreaming, and unable to get up. She does wake up, but she accidentally scratched herself in her dream, which Sizari notices. They quickly get out of the den without worrying about the wound.

Many hours later they are walking in a moderately cold climate, which is warmer than the previous area. It is seen preparing to rain, which scares Cirrus, but Sizari forces her to keep going onwards, but they go for about two hours.

The rest is being worked on.

Arixa: Shrouded in Darkness

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Forgiving Yourself

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