It was a cold, dark night. Lightning pierced in the sky, cutting through the clouds like briars. A silver tabby was quietly drifting off into the storm, her tail hung low, and her whiskers twitched in irritation. The rain flew down like crystalized flecks of drops, but they only shone in the faint moonlight. Her green eyes glistened in the dark, but the rain got harder.

Little sparkling droplets dripped off of her fur, as she padded into a tiny cave. A tree was resting above the overhang, but it was pretty secure. Flashes of light and thunder rumbled afterwards, was all that was left. Her fur hung down to her paws, but she was unfazed about it.

"Oh, Cirrus, I didn't see you there," A meow came up from behind her. The silver tabby turned her head around, spotting a black male cat. Her thoughts crumbled, but she said not a word, "I'd expect at least a hello out of the most polite cat in the forest." he staggered. Cirrus glanced back at the male but was terrified when she recognized him.

"What do you need, Sizari, I know you're hiding," Cirrus snarled, "I only know one person who would expect a "hello" out of the most polite cat in the forest." her anger could be seen in her eyes. Sizari flinched at the comments, but it was quite clear that he expected that out of her.

"Cirrus, dear, I know you're there." dear. I know what you've don-" she was cut off. "And I know where it unless you don't want information out of your former mate." He snickered. She suddenly turned her ways, realizing this accidental run into paid off.

Chapter One:

The cold harsh wind blew into the cloaked cat's face. Her cloak ruffled in the wind, only to let out a gasp when she spotted a wall of ice. Snow crunched beneath her paws, and her pads felt like icecubes. The walls opened up into a huge town, the houses were made out of icicles and stone. There were many cats, who stared at her. Cirrus went through the town, only to see a marketplace laid in front of her.

"This is it..." She said, staring down at the map Sizari gave her. Cirrus glanced around, not seeing the item she was looking for. A noise seemed to be heading towards her, it sounded like paws.... She turned around seeing a familiar cat... Iris?

"What are you doing here Cirrus?" She questioned Cirrus, but Cirrus never replied, "I said, what are you doing here?" she growled. Wait... What is Iris doing here? Her thoughts stung to think about, Wait.... This isn't right... she kept wondering.

Cirrus looked around, spotting cats watching her and Iris. It still didn't click, she couldn't realize why the thing isn't here. "Cirrus.... I told you, do not come back here again." Iris said. Everything suddenly clicked, Cirrus needed to get out of here. Her memories seemed to flow quickly like silk, but it didn't make sense. Why did Sizari lead her here?


It's been months since that experience, Cirrus has still not figured out what Sizari is telling her. It must be a trick... She keeps telling herself, but not even herself believes what she says.

In a snowy forest laid a cave, my former cave, the wind was howling in the dark cold night. There were four cats, a black, a brown, a silver, and a dark grey-green. Why do you have to be so stupid? I used to tell myself. My best friend seemed to always be there for me, the black cat. His name was Tinge, he had blue eyes and always cared for me.

It was so easy back then, everything felt simple and well. I never knew all of the dangers that lurked in the shadows. For being the oldest of my siblings, I was the most immature. My younger sister seemed to take charge now and then, but we always seemed to fight over who would lead and who would follow. The cave was our home for many years, my siblings never seemed to care about the secrets I have kept.

And I still keep them.

Further off from the cave was a town, it was so simple there, we tend to go there time to time. My sister, Iris, always wanted to live there, where there were friendly cats and easy access to food. I made a promise that I'd join her, but my other sister had other plans.

I met a cat named Ria at the town, although Tinge and her had some issues, she was still quite a nice cat. Everything seemed to crumble after that.

Tinge. Where are you? Tinge!... Ria? IRIS?

Cirrus! Cirrus! G-Get over here! Iris needs you!

Why did this happen?

Thunder growled in the air, and the rain poured. A silvery figure shifted and moved in the darkness. Her eyes flickered open, allowing her to let out a squeal of panic. The thoughts still roared in her mind, and it felt like there was a battle outside. It was just a dream... Just another dream.... She breathed in an out in shock.

"Aah, look who just woke up from a nightmare?" A chuckle could be heard from behind Cirrus. Her hurt sunk, realizing Sizari was following her this whole time, "Why hello there, Sizari. I would've expected you to be nicer after that deal we made a few months ago." she smiled. "I expect you to at least say how lovely I am." He smirked, only leaving Cirrus barely laughing.

"Why did you lead me to THAT town? I thought we agreed on you showing me what I'm looking for." Cirrus snapped, her attitude twisted dramatically. "Ok, you know what, I'm not going to bother holding this back. You're an idiot." She growled. Sizari smirked, and then chuckled, he seemed to be enjoying this conversation, "Aah, but it's not that simple. You didn't find the second part to my riddle." he laughed.

Cirrus nearly leapt onto him in anger, but she held herself back realizing he was only trying to cause a bit of trouble. "Mhhmm..... So, now that you're awake...." He began running out of the cave.

"...Sizari! We have more to talk about!"

Chapter Two:

The trees cast a dark shadow on the silver tabby, Cirrus, who was padding below the treetops, not bothering climbing her way around. The sky was full of clouds, but it didn't feel like it was going to rain. It was quite still, no sounds, no movements. It was like something scared everything away, but Cirrus knew something was close. A sound could be heard above, it was no ordinary sound though.

Cirrus glanced up only to see a cat watching her from the trees. Her tail barely hung down off of the branch, but something shimmered around her neck. Her eyes glowed a bright green color, quite like Cirrus's, but darker. She leapt down, landing unsteadily beside Cirrus.

"Why hello there.... Cirrus." She circled her before Cirrus could react. Cirrus has become quite popular again, but it was obvious that she didn't have a clue why. Other than the fact she stormed into the busiest town, but that didn't matter at the moment for Cirrus. It only took Cirrus a second to notice the cat's orange fur, and their interesting markings. "Why are you circling me?" Cirrus growled, making the cat uncomfortable. The cat's gaze made her pelt burn, but she was unfazed by this.

"...I have heard you're looking for the stone of Falle..." The cat smirked, leaving a spark of a haunting glow in her eyes, but she seemed to have cooled it off, "This is true, I've heard your stories." she perked up, only leaving Cirrus clueless. Was Cirrus really that popular? Or have some specific selection of cats heard of her?

The silver cat's fur spiked up with hostility, it seemed that Cirrus wasn't quite happy with this cat, "Hold up... You must be Zai, I have heard of you." she snarled. "Ah, you know who I a-" Cirrus cut her off, "You're a protector of the Seriza, correct?" she smiled. Zai turned towards her, only showing green narrowed eyes.

"Then, you must know why I am here." Her necklace glinted in the light, it was half of a sun, but Cirrus knew what she was hiding. Irritation stirred beneath Cirrus's pelt, why did Zai have to run into her now?

"You better let me pass, or you'll regret it." Cirrus narrowed her eyes at Zai. Zai looked back at her, but didn't let her pass, "Regretting letting you pass? Pft, no." Zai laughed. "You know what is purple... Other than the stone of Falle, of course." Zai turned back at Cirrus, again. Cirrus stared down at her paws, realizing that Zai might actually be helpful, or she is just tricking her into going the wrong way.

What is purple.... What is purple... Irises! Irises are purple!... That makes me... Close to the stone of Falle...Cirrus's thoughts raced, violently, and it turned out Zai was partially helpful. "Thank you, wait, why did you tell me where the stone of F-" She paused before she continued only to see Zai gone. ".... Zai?" Cirrus stared around, only realizing that Zai left.

No wonder Iris didn't want me in her town...She realized, but only suddenly realized she had to find a way to get closer to Iris without anyone noticing her after the stone. Nervously, she stood up straight and turned around. This was it, she figured out the last piece of the puzzle, Iris was the new protector of the stone of Falle.


The wind violently blew, introducing a violent blizzard to the creatures below the storm. Frost-coated trees tossed and turned in the violent, and cold, wind. Cirrus knew this was a bad idea to come here during a blizzard, but it had to be done. Snow flew violently in the massive gusts of wind. The wind blew Cirrus's fur around, and she realized she had to be careful.

"How can I disguise myself?" She thought to herself, which was the correct question to ask herself. The walls of the town could barely be seen in the distance, but she knew they were there. Just hiding from her, as if the blizzard knew she was coming for the stone of Falle. Should I enter dramatically or just sneak in and steal the stone? She pondered.

Cirrus silently stalked through the entrance, trying to force the blizzard to hide her, but it disobeyed her orders. Frustrated, she snuck through the town, still trying to make the blizzard worse and worse. This blizzard should get worse... Unless someone sent it. She bit her lip, turning up into the sky. Unless someone sent it Echoed in her mind, but she still was confused. Origins of Arixa, Page 205. The dragons of Falle, they are the great protectors of the stone of Falle, and will protect it Some strange memory swooped into her brain.

She looked up and squinted just to see what was flying above the town. Dragons of Falle... Iroiz Dragons! The weather dragons? Cirrus spotted a few shadows of dragons in the sky, realizing she was in huge trouble.

I need to get out of here! Was the last thing she thought. Cirrus attempted a quiet escape, but she knew that she was trapped in the blizzard for quite a while. They'll find me... She turned up, panic could be seen in her eyes. Cirrus placed her paw in front of herself, and a large ice spike began creeping out from the ground, and it began to split the earth around it. The spike twisted up and started to look like briars.

Cirrus tried creating more spikes to trap many other villagers in the town, but only brought more attention towards herself. She only hoped that Iris wouldn't spot her causing destruction, and hoped she wouldn't accidentally tell that she read the lost origins book. Looking up, once again, Cirrus saw dragons flying down into the town.

She had to hear what they were talking about, but she'll get spotted if she moves out of this location, which is the quietest, and most abandoned, part of town. The ice spikes kept growing until most of the houses were covered in ice spikes. She had to make an escape before anyone catches her. Cirrus heard a crack coming from around the corner, and she began heading towards the entrance.

Suddenly, the sound got quicker and sounded more familiar. Is it a dragon? Or... Is it Iris? I hope it's not either... She panicked, still trying to make it to the entrance without getting spotted in any way. Something cold touched her, leaving a chill going down her spine. Cirrus tried to ignore the feeling but instead, she stood still, frozen. She turned her head around seeing a dragon.

It's an Iroiz dragon... A dragon of Falle... She panicked. "Cirrus." The dragon hissed, her eyes narrowing. She stepped out of the shadows, revealing metallic silver scales. Cirrus gulped, realizing that she was caught. "You, are coming to the Iroiz jail." The dragon lifted a claw, and frost-coated chains fell onto her back, they made Cirrus collapse into the snow. The dragon put a frost-coated chain collar with the chains on them around her neck. Cirrus tried to get up, but her back was bleeding a lot.

"Iris, Tiirai, Nara, come here." The silver dragon called out for the others, which could be heard coming over. Cirrus looked around, realizing that she was caught... And it was too easy for the dragons to find her too. Iris spotted Cirrus immediately, and trotted over. "You caught Cirrus." Her sister looked quite pleased with the silver dragon.Sizari! Help! She screeched inside of her head, but Sizari was clearly not here, or he was just watching in laughter.

A shadow shifted in the corner of her eye, it was black and cat-like. Sizari? She looked over at it, which also made Iris turn too. The cat was Sizari, of course, but Cirrus was clueless on why he was coming to help her. He would never help her...

"Sizari! It's you!" Cirrus croaked, but he only looked at Iris, then back at the chains. The sky went dark, and dark clouds lowered down from the sky. Sizari smacked his paws down at the chains, before having a slice on his arm from a dragon's claw. "Ah, Sizari, I knew we'd meet again." The silver dragon put her tail in front of the other dragon, which attacked Sizari. "Minura... I'm so glad you met my former mate." He laughed, barely complaining about the pain.

"Sizari! Get out of here!" Cirrus spat, only seeing Sizari flinch, "Well then, you wanted me." he growled, which was a turn in his attitude. Everything blurred for Cirrus, and all she remembered was Sizari trying to save her.

A loud crack awoke Cirrus, she clearly got knocked out by someone.

Chapter Three:

The ground rumbled as large puffs of smoke flew out of the cracks in the ground. The ground rose to form a large mountainous landscape. Lights flashed up in the sky, which revealed the structures on the top of the mountain. The loud clatter of chains echoed around the mountains, but it only went so far before it faded off to a silent echo.

Up in the peaks of the mountain was a large dragon town, and a few dragons were flying in from above. It seemed like they were riding on the storm clouds, but it wasn't very easy to notice the electric charges as they landed. Something covered in glistening metal landed with the dragons. It was Cirrus, but there was another cat there, a black cat.

"We have caught Cirrus, and another strange cat." A dragon with metallic silver scales, dragged herself further to face a much larger dragon. The larger dragon was pure black, with hints of purple. He looked down at the black cat, and murmured something.

"Pathetic, he isn't useful to our cause, but just throw him into the dungeon with Cirrus." He growled, and the other dragons carried the cats down below. The black dragon followed them from the far behind, "Put them down below." he growled watching the dragons almost put them in a higher up cell, but they did as they were told.

Cirrus and Sizari got thrown in a very dark cell, only flickers of a flame in the corner of their cell was the source of very minimal light, "We're stuck in here." Sizari whispered as he broke the chains that held them together. "They aren't very smart in my opinion." He spoke as he broke the chains, then grabbed Cirrus by the tail to help her get out.

"Thanks for almost breaking my tail." Cirrus snapped, and got herself out of the chains. Her wings felt uncomfortably on her back, because they were tied there. Sizari looked over at Cirrus, barely flinching at her rude remark. Though, he was quite used to her negative attitude for being with her for atleast a few years or less, "What's the plan?" Cirrus looked straight into his eyes, but he barely cared about her staring at him.

"It appears that there are only three dragons guarding the entrance," Sizari said, "Only one is strong enough to actually kill us both, so let me lead." his eyes flickered like an igniting flame, which made Cirrus feel both uncomfortable and comfortable, which was unusual. She stared out of a small hole in the wall, wondering if she could be able to break the wall.

She moved her paw against the wall, feeling tiny cracks going down the wall from the hole. Suddenly, she felt something fly past her, which flew through the metal squared bars, and hit the wall leaving a hole as it rolled down, "That... Let's pretend that is normal, ok?" Cirrus staggers, but she stands up right and heads back to feeling the crack.

"There should be a way to get out of here....." She examined the crack size, and hoped it was large enough to break with her bare paws, or ice. Sizari looked at her, but his expression was unreadable when Cirrus looked back at him, "Do you have a better idea?" she raised a kitty eyebrow at him, but he didn't speak. "Alright, I'll do it myself." She smacked her paws against the wall, only feeling a painful feeling in her pad, and a tickle down her paw. Ice sheeted across the wall very slowly.

Cirrus landed her paw onto the ground feeling a sharp pain shoot through her body. She lifted her paw up only to see blood staining her silvery fur, and looked over at Sizari, "I know you're going to mock me and say I'm stupid." she said very unsteadily.

"Yes, you're very stupid." Sizari said in a very sarcastic tone, but then he laughed. Cirrus barely let out a laugh, but Sizari knew she thought it was quite funny. "Ok, you know what, I need some help." She growled, and Sizari came over, "Wow, greatest scratch ever, I love how you request for my help." Sizari laughed, but Cirrus no longer thought it was funny.

Cirrus licked her pad, while Sizari tried to break the ice coated stone. "Alright, you're the stupidest cat in the whole world, and do you even realize that your ice is unbreakable?" Sizari unsheathed his claws. Cirrus looked up at him, "Oh really? It's not like I didn't know that." she snapped, and let out a yowl of pain, but Sizari put his paw in her mouth before it was too loud.

"Ah! I got it!" The ice crumbled off of the stone, then the stone started crumbling also. Cirrus looked at him, but didn't bother asking him how he did it. "We're free, lets hurry before anyone realizes we've escaped." Sizari stared at Cirrus, and spread out his bat-like wings, and quickly flew into the sky. Cirrus followed him, but seemed a bit scared about flying their way out.

I guess Sizari isn't that bad...

Chapter Four:

They have been flying for ages. The moon was already almost visible in the sky, and they were still flying off. Shadows of the mountains were barely visible behind them, and the water splashed underneath them. Cirrus's wings ached from flying for a long time, and she felt quite hungry, "Sizari.. When are we going to stop?" she wondered. She almost flew into his side from the pain of her wings, but he only stared at her with a very harsh gaze. Cirrus frowned, and lowered her head, but she raised it up again once she saw something in the distance. "I think we found land..." She grumbled, but she didn't know Sizari heard her.

It felt like forever before they finally saw the beach of the land. It was crusted with frost, ice spikes split out from the ground. Crystals hung from the spikes emitting a hazy glow. Cirrus had to squint to see more things on the land, but she only glanced over at Sizari, which still was irritated. "This land looks familiar, and also unfamiliar..." She stared at the frost-crusted sand, once they finally reached the beach, "Could we finally stop?" she beckoned him, which only made him more irritated.

"Alright, we're stopping," Sizari whispered, and Cirrus's eyes sparkled with emotion suddenly, wiping away the tired look in her eyes, "but you're the one who is going to make a shelter, or find one." he looked over at her. "WHAT!" She gasped, her voice echoed around making some ice crystals break. Cirrus stared around, hearing something echo around.

"Next time, don't make a noise." Sizari growled, spreading out his bat wings, "Stay around here." he whispered. Cirrus watched him fly up to scout nearby land. Cirrus grumbled, and almost talked to herself, but she only padded off to go look for some items for a makeshift den. The frosty sand crunched under her paws, which felt very uncomfortable, and sounded uncomfortable, but she was used to it. Cirrus pawed at a bush to see if it would be good for hiding their makeshift den, but the leaves only crumbled. She glanced around, noticing something grey up ahead, and she realized it was a cave.

Exhaustion came upon her, and she began slowly heading back. The sound of batting wings got closer, which made her unusually nervous. Something landed in front of her, but it was just Sizari. "Hey, I couldn't find anything useful, or any food," Cirrus whispered, remembering what Sizari said before, "but I did find a small cave that we could rest in." she perked up. Sizari pushed past her quietly. "Why are you not talking to me?" She snapped, but only realized her temper was getting a bit uncontrollable at that moment.

"Lead the way, Cirrus." Sizari glared at her, but she only ran ahead to lead the way. The cave was almost in sight, and there was a small glow in another direction, which only interested Sizari. Cirrus padded into the cave and fell down onto the ice cold cave flooring. Sizari sat at the entrance and left Cirrus to sleep.

Chapter Five

The sun rose into the sky. Clouds steadily drifted across the sky, and the ice reflected the sun down below the sky. A black figure crept up an ice spike to get a good look at the land. A glow could be seen in the distance, which the black cat was heading towards. Sizari looked around, thinking the land just looked like a desert. No food, no sign of water, nothing useful. Haunting thoughts struck his mind, which only forced him further.

Something rolled in the back of his mind, remembering that he left Cirrus alone back there, but he knew she could care for herself. Sizari was panicking deep within the dark parts of the back of his mind, but something cold struck him. His paws kept moving him forward, the thoughts didn't make him stop. Something was luring Sizari further, and he had to figure out what.

He breathed in the cold air, and breathed it back out. Sizari's pace quickened as he got closer and closer, then suddenly everything stopped. It was getting darker. His blue eyes peered around, but he saw nothing. Something was terrifying him on the inside, but he didn't know what.

The glow glistened in the distance, while he watched the fog thicken quickly. A crystal was engraved in a bluish stone, something about it seemed to speak to him.

Was this what attracted Sizari to this island? A dark thought struck into his mind, making him turn away from it. The only words he told himself, "I found what I was looking for..." and then a cry struck through the bitter winds. A flash struck in the sky, and his ice blue eyes showed a trace of fear, but he tried to hide it.

Something was watching him, and he could feel it in his bones. It led him to a sudden run. The thunder crackled all around him, causing some delicate crystals to land on him. The freezing cold crystals struck him, leaving him freezing, but something about this cold made him feel great.

Sizari heard the cry again, except it was much nearer, and clearer. It sounded familiar. He suddenly leaped into a bush, and was nowhere to be seen.


Black splotches that looked a lot like paint were all that Sizari could see. He couldn't see Cirrus in sight near the cave, unless she ran quickly. Or worse, fell into a trap they set. He could hear a crack behind him, and twisted around, only seeing something dark behind him. He heard a voice from behind him, a familiar one too. Cirrus, she was caught again by the dragons.

It was at that moment that he was torn. Save Cirrus, or save himself. Sizari spun around, and leaped onto one of the dragons, which happened to be one of the guards. Ice ignited under his paws, releasing a both hot and cold feeling towards the dragon. The dragon spread out her wings, and flung him off, leaving him on the ground.

Sizari laid there for what seemed like a millisecond before he leapt back onto her, "Leave Cirrus be." he snarled at the large dragon, which made him look quite pathetic. Cirrus burst into a run, and darted off. The other dragons flew after her, but Sizari only followed Cirrus.

His face was constantly getting scratched by icicles, until he felt the stinging of the cuts on the sides of his face, but he only kept running. It felt like forever before he caught up, and he was trailing behind the dragons. It was about time he tasted dragon's blood, as he leaped up on top of one, and leapt on top of the dragon, and made the dragon look weak.

A sudden spark blasted the smaller dragon back, leaving him almost helpless in the snow. Sizari only hoped that Cirrus wouldn't snap at him for being gone most of the night, but he had to find out what it was. He leapt over Cirrus, and landed harshly into the snow in front of her, and only left small snow dust spraying into her face, "Sizari!" she gasped, and tried to catch up to him.

The second dragon, which Sizari didn't deal with yet, leapt dangerously close to Cirrus, leaving ice particles flying everywhere. Cirrus forgot to look in front of her, and ended up sliding off a very icy slope, which made her slide down on her paws, which made them freezing cold. Sizari was attempting to follow her, but he was on a nearby ice spike.

She looked behind her, and saw the dragon get extremely close to her. Sizari leapt off of the cliff, and spread out his wings, attempting to make the dragon lose balance. He only missed by a whisker, but it wasn't enough to make him lose balance. Sizari had to get onto the ice using his claws, which felt very uncomfortable to stick his claws into something very hard.

"Very nice landing!" Cirrus laughed, and almost slid off the side, and then realized she is going to have to fly her way out of this situation. Sizari kicked the dragon in the legs, but only managed to trip one leg before falling off. Luckily, he spread out his wings in time to catch himself. The dragon knew it was a mistake to ignore Sizari, but also a mistake to not run. A burst of fire flickered towards the dragon, blasting him off of the ice, and leaving him falling towards the icy water.

Cirrus noticed the dragon gone, and almost got shot onto the air, and landing into the water, but she caught herself rather quickly. She flew quickly towards Sizari, "There are more, we need to get out of here." Sizari coldly said. Something about his attitude made Cirrus nervous, "Why did you leave me?" she stared at him, but he didn't make a noise. "We're going, no questions." He growled, but a cold feeling told him that something is following him.

A dark shadow that Cirrus does not know, but he didn't bother telling her about it.

Chapter Six:

Everything was silent. Not a movement could be seen. A crystal emitted a hazy glow in the middle of a clearing, which it was partially encased in ice. Cirrus was lying silently on the flooring, it was cold but very comfortable. Sizari was laying in the corner, not really moving, but he did jump at the smallest of sounds.

Cirrus rolled over when she heard a snap of a twig, only to see Sizari looking defensive, "What are you doing up..." she sighed, sleepily. Sizari's eyes widened, and slipped into a sitting position as fast as lightning, "N-Nothing... What are you doing?" he glared, but she gave no reply. He huffed a sigh, and laid into the snow. Cirrus watched him lay into a comfortable with a blank expression. Her eyes flickered around, but she sleepily laid back down.

The scars from the earlier fight stung through her, but she only fell into a deep slumber.

It was bright, her eyes couldn't handle the brightness, and all she remembers seeing is a figure next to her. I-It's just a dream... She mumbled, which felt like a thought. Cirrus's green eyes widened fast, and within a minute she was smacking herself. She accidentally scratched her shoulder, making a cut. It felt... Real.

"W-What is going on?" She cried, which she instantly awoke after screaming that. The mark was still on her shoulder, which she could see clearly for some reason. Cirrus turned her head towards the sun, which was rising slowly. "You're bleeding...." Sizari sniffed the cut, but only wrinkled his nose. Cirrus almost gave a deep cut on his nose for getting close to her, but she decided not to.

"I was dreaming... I couldn't wake up..." She suddenly acted out of breath, but Sizari only stared at her with disbelief, "I'm pretty sure you thought it felt real." he laughed and tossed a small fish over to her. "Eat up." He spoke in a harsh tone, which made Cirrus flinch. She only chewed on the fish, which was quite crunchy.

The bones of the fish was the only thing left, and she looked up at Sizari. "We should go." Cirrus turned towards Sizari, and he looked over at her, "No duh," Sizari spoke in a very irritated tone, which was easy to notice. "We're going to head east." He smiled in a reassuring manner, but she could see through the smile. Cirrus got up, and headed out of their makeshift-den. She stared around trying to tell which way east was, and headed a completely random direction.

"Let's just hope we lose them..." Sizari mumbled.


The frosty white colors slowly shifted into splotches of green, and greys. The wind blew strong, showing a storm was brewing quite quickly above the trees, which encased the travelers at their roots. Both cats were alert, their eyes glinted in the growing darkness as they moved through the forest silently. It has been many hours since they've last stopped, and Cirrus felt like she was about to collapse right where she was, until a loud clap sent her darting very little yards before she stopped, exhausted.

The black cat stalked towards her, only noticing fear in her eyes, and a strange stench emitting from somewhere, but he only turned to Cirrus, seeing fear in her eyes, and she barely moved, "Ahem, Cirrus, let's get going." he said in quite a joking voice, but it wasn't obvious enough that he was serious. The silver cat turned over to Sizari, but didn't reply in any sort of complaining way, "Alright, lets go... But can we stop in an hour?" she said in a sweet voice, which was as sweet as honey, but it truly was her trying to force him to say yes.

"Fine, but no earlier." Sizari growled, and began moving. She glanced up at him, and quickly shot to the side of him. Her energy was minimal, but she could at least try to stay awake for an hour.

Lightning flickered in the dark and cloudy sky. There was only a small patch of sunshine left, but it was covered in darkness in under a minute. Rain slowly began to fall, but it didn't bother Cirrus much. They continued their long trek through the forest, hoping that none of the dragons will find them past the mountains that protect what is beyond the mountains that have never been crossed.

The thoughts of what was beyond the mountain echoed in Cirrus's ears, but she was only quietly wondering about the journey ahead of them, until the wind blew past her, almost knocking her off her feet. Sizari looked over at her, then glanced around for a save place to call a shelter, but had no luck at that. "We have to keep going, Cirrus," He said, but prevented Cirrus from speaking, "there are no shelters around here, we will stop once we find somewhere safe." Sizari finishes, but only stubbornness shone in the smaller cat's eyes.

The rain was pouring down on them by the time they came across a decent shelter, "Lets rest here until the rain stops." Sizari suggests, and Cirrus nods. The two cats climb into the hole, which got wider and wider, until they came across a large room. There were no lingering scents, but something must live there. Sizari stared around before plopping down and closing his eyes, and Cirrus did the same, but with a worried look on her face.

"Something is off about this place..." She muttered herself to sleep...